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COVID Guidelines

September 29, 2021

Dear St. Vincent de Paul Religious Education families,

We are excited to have your family join us this 2021-2022 religious education school year, as we grow in love of Jesus, and learn more about Christ and His Church!

This promises to be a great year for all!

Many of you are aware that, this year, we will be meeting in person for all of our religious education classes, and we excited about the prospect of getting back to normal as best we can!

In light of this, we wanted to take the time to explain the covid procedures and expectations, as we move forward, ensuring everyone’s health and safety.

The following protocols will apply to Rel. Ed. staff members, teachers, volunteers, parents, and children; regardless of vaccination status…..

Please note: The newest changes are in red

  • Parents and families are allowed to enter the school building by way of church hallway, instead of going outside and around to the gym atrium.
  • Families can walk directly to Walter Hall for FFF and Confirmation/ Life Teen classes, and the Gym for Edge program 
  • According to the latest ECDoH Guidelines ( Sept 27, 2021), there are no more temperature checks or questionnaires that need be completing before entering our school building.
  • Masks must be worn while on campus and social distancing will be enacted.

Before Coming to Campus:

If you or someone in your family is ill, please stay home and we will be sure to contact parents with make-up homework

Coming to Campus:  

  • Teachers, Students (aged 2 and older) Parents and Volunteers are asked to wear masks when they come to campus

While on Campus:

  • If any student becomes sick, while on campus, student will be escorted to a designated classroom , while child awaits their parent for pick up.
  • Students will maintain 3 ft social distancing in the classroom
  • All student are asked to wear masks in the classroom 
  • Please be reminded that your children will have opportunities for mask breaks during their classroom experience, which will be held in accordance with ECDoH

Food on Campus:

  • We will be offering food during this year’s FFF program 
  • More info will be shared regarding food for EDGE, LIFETEEN and Confirmation programs.
  • We ask that individually wrapped food items be donated by families who will be attending the FFF program.
  • Please drop off  wrapped food items in the school kitchen by 9:00 AM on the day of your FFF Program
  • Parents and children will come to Walter Hall (by way of gymnasium) and help themselves to food and beverages before seating themselves at assigned table.
  • Once children and parents have been seated at their table, they can take their masks off and enjoy their snacks while experiencing the first part of our family gathering.
  • After eating, family members (2 years old and up) are asked to put their masks back on 

Cleaning and Disinfecting:

  • All tables, chairs, and objects will be sprayed with disinfectant (wait 10 minutes) and wiped down
  • All trash, contained in garbage bags, will be disposed of in the dumpsters at the edge of the parking lot, closest to the Berger Building.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation!

May God continue to bless you and your family in this upcoming school year!


Mrs. Lisa Benzer, DRE
Fr. Karl Loeb, Pastor