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Altar Servers

Altar Server: This ministry involves young members of the community in the special service of preparing the altar for the liturgy. This closeness to God’s altar draws young women and men (from 4th grade after First Holy Communion to 12th grade) closer to the sacred mysteries we celebrate at the Eucharist. Altar servers assist God’s people by preparing and reverently calling attention to the altar of sacrifice. Through symbolic gestures such as the ritual cleansing of the priest’s hands before consecration, kneeling, processing with candles, incense and cross, ringing bells, and together with the ordained ministers, accepting the people’s simple gifts of bread and wine, these ministers of the altar offer a much needed and proper service to the community.

Gifts for such a ministry might include: a love of the Mass, a desire to work closely with ordained ministers, a longing to serve God’s people even before one is fully initiated into the community at Confirmation, and a wish to be helpful and involved in the spiritual life of the community. Instructor: Deacon Pete; Coordinator: Julie Schultz – 685.2369