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First Reconciliation

Sacramental preparation for First Reconciliation will be taught by trained catechists outside the Family Faith Formation Sessions. A parent or caregiver are asked to attend the class with their child. First Reconciliation instruction is received in the 2nd grade.

Parents , please be advised , that your attendance is requested on the following occasions : First Reconciliation Classes (see classes below), First Reconciliation parent meeting, First Reconciliation Enrollment Mass, First Reconciliation retreat, and First Reconciliation Service.

First Penance Important Dates (2020-2021)
~ Parent Meeting: September 17th @ 7 PM Walter Hall
~ Enrollment Mass: September 20th @ 9:30 AM
~ Retreat: February 6th @ 9:30 AM - Noon (Parents attend with their child)
~ First Penance Service: March 27th @ 1:00 PM
~ Parents and family members are encouraged to participate in the sacrament of reconciliation during the service.

Classes are 10/25, 11/15, 11/22, 1/24, 2/21, and 3/14 from 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM.