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Adult Fellowship/Formation

We welcome all adults that would love to get more involved with our parish to check out some of the amazing programs that we have to encourage adults to grow in their faith! Check the bulletin or call the Parish Office to find out what we have available for you right now. Or, fill out our form to join our parish and get involved with some of the specific things that we have to offer!

Date Night: Offered once each month from September to June for married couples. It’s a time of fun, fellowship, and meaningful sharing. Child care is provided for ages one year and older. The entire night is free – all you need to bring is an appetizer. For more information, contact Michael Buttino at

Divine Will: A way of living in God's Divine Will by inviting Jesus into all of our actions and having him sanctify them in order to give glory to God. This group meets every 2nd and 4th Monday at 7 PM in the Church. Please contact Lisa Benzer at 512-8156 if you are interested in joining us. Thank you!

Mens Faith Sharing Group: A gathering of men who choose to meet, pray, study the Bible, and other written works in order to grow in the Spirit and improve Catholic men. All are welcome. We meet every Wednesday at 7 PM. Call: Joe Morcelle – 652.2286 and Jerry Owczarczak – 652.9609

Mission: The process of Mission is a 8-night pilgrim journey of conversion of the heart. It is a conversion experience that models the basic elements of conversion from the earliest days of Christianity – in the desert experience – to the Mass of today. As with all journeys, to best benefit from it, the quest must be taken in its entirety, in the proper sequence and at the proper pace. We can then all be blessed and benefit from this opening of the heart to the power of the Holy Spirit, to transform lives with this brush with God. Coordinators: Bill and Colleen Broderick –

RCIA Team: RCIA stands for The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. As the adult part of the Catechumenate, a teaching ministry in the Church, the RCIA may also be explained as a sort of “Religious Education for adults”. The process is intended to provide an environment of learning and growth for adults who are non-Catholic, who are Catholic but have not received the sacraments of Holy Communion and/or Confirmation, and whom are interested in full Sacramental Initiation into the Roman Catholic Church.

In any event, the RCIA Team is a group of parishioners with the common goal to help fulfill the mission of the Church by sharing God’s message. For more information or to volunteer, contact the SVDP Rectory for team members: Deacon Pete Walders, Debbie Colvin, and Ron Adamczak.

Volunteering with Religious Education: For those that feel somewhat strong in their faith already and would like to serve our youth with our various youth ministry forms, please fill out our volunteering form describing how you'd like to help out. You can serve in all kinds of ways and we will find a perfect match so that you can balance your commitments with your passion for teaching your faith. You can also reach out to Lisa Benzer ( or Dominic Buttino ( for more ways to volunteer.