There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't met.

Our Parish

Mission Statement: St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church is a faith filled community centered in the Eucharist. We are seeking to learn and live the Gospel through our service to our parish community and all of God’s people. We strive to be faithful stewards of the gifts God has entrusted to us, as we continue to grow, educate, and proclaim the great works of the Lord.

St. Vincent de Paul Parish is a Roman Catholic parish located in Springbrook, New York and is part of the of the Diocese of Buffalo, New York. Our faith, commitment, history, and continued education are all very important parts of this parish.  

Our parish also recognizes and supports the need for religious education of everyone. The parish provides religious education for school age children, for adults, and for those with special needs. St. Vincent de Paul Parish also recognizes the need to assist those that are home bound and sick and assist those in our community with other needs.

Please join us for mass. If you are a member, or are thinking about joining our parish, consider enrolling in our education programs and challenge yourself to become an active member of our parish community. Or, participate in the many forms of outreach we do as a parish community!

Curious about the history of St. Vincent de Paul? Check out how the parish came to be and see how things have evolved over time!