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Lector Ministry

Ministry of the Word (Lector):  The ministry of proclaiming God’s word (in scripture) to His people involves one hour of prayer/preparation time in addition to the time spent at the liturgy.  First, one reads the scriptures of the day.  Next, one prays over these scriptures, consults the Lector’s Workbook (which is kept in the sacristy) or other commentaries.  Finally, one proclaims the scriptures and Prayers of the Faithful at Mass.  Gifts for such a ministry might include:  an outgoing personality; a loud, clear voice; a love of scripture; and a willingness to stand before God’s people and lead us in our communal meditation on the scriptures.  (Total commitment:  two hours/week – lectors may only be scheduled once/month)  Coordinator:  Tama Gresco-Sauers – 652.3498