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Altar/Rosary Society

Altar/Rosary Society: The Altar/Rosary Society is composed of women whose mission is devotion to the Blessed Lady as well as to the beautification of God’s Holy Altar. We work closely with our pastor regarding any vestments or altar items that may be needed. The group raises money that is used for altar linens, priestly vestments, altar servers/Eucharistic ministers robes, etc. and work closely with our Pastor regarding additional items. The society is responsible for the upkeep of the daily altar purificators, altar linens, priests’ albs, and floral arranging. This is always done in a spirit of love and devotion. Altar/Rosary sponsors the “May Crowning of the Blessed Mother” cooperating with the Religious Education program and our new communicants.

The society meets only 7 times a year on the first Monday of the month from September through June. We encourage our members to join us at 9:30 Mass on the first Sunday of every month after which the rosary is recited. This is a wonderful way of teaching the rosary to our young families and welcome them to join us (Maximum time is 15 minutes).

Many of your mothers were proud members of this organization, so consider following in her footsteps and honor Mary with us. Coordinators: Judy Roth – 655.2704 and June O’Donnell – 652.9581.