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On-line Prayer Team

On Line Prayer Team: The On Line Prayer Team began on February 21, 1999. We believe in the power of prayer, have access to on line computers, and are willing to commit to daily intercessory prayer for any needs presented to us. Requests come by word of mouth, via telephone, in person, and on line. They are compiled and sent out daily to the entire team, Monday through Friday. Emergency requests are sent out whenever necessary, seven days a week. Members receive the requests and pray at their convenience. They do not pass them on to anyone else. We also have “Soaking Lists” for people with long term illnesses, expectant mothers, service men and women, and clergy.

We are blessed to have 62 team members, most of whom are members of St. Vincent de Paul Church. Others are located throughout the country while several others are “snow birds” who take laptops with them so as not to miss the prayers. Please note, all requests are kept confidential.

If you have requests for prayer or would like to learn more about this ministry please contact us @ 652.4156 or
Email: [email protected] Subject: Prayer request Coordinator; Barbara Berger