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We Care Ministry

We Care Ministry: This Ministry belongs to ALL PARISHIONERS. Just as all birds are members of a flock, we as members of St. Vincent’s are members of the We Care Ministry. As with birds in a flock, if one is injured or sick – some stay behind and mend them or stay with them until they are called ‘home’. We can do this by placing their names & brief information about the concern in the bird house in the Narthex. The We Care group pick up the requests and make contact with the individual letting them know that we are praying for them & we do care about them.

We encourage all members/parishioners to do their part and place all names of anyone from St. Vincent’s Parish not feeling up to par or their caregivers, in the bird house. Our group will do our best to reach out to them. We meet as necessary – much of our work is through email and the phone. If you are interested in joining our group, please contact Rosemaries Sislo 674-6965 or Karen Minear at 675.4887.