There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't met.


We now offer Zoom classes to help keep our parish safe! Our catechists have been so kind and dedicated in order to be able to provide a hybrid model for students. This means that students will be taught both in class and at home, on their devices. Once they join a meeting, they will be broken into their individual classes for small group instruction. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR ZOOM NAME TO INCLUDE YOUR GRADE LEVEL (OR " - P" FOR PARENT) IN ORDER TO EASE THE BREAKOUT PROCESS. All classes will use the login information found below:

ID: 716 652 3972 (parish phone number)
Password: Email [email protected] to request. This is to ensure the safety of our families, and maintain ease of use.

Or, simply click this link to join:


Help with common issues:

1) Stuck in Waiting Room:
You no longer need to wait in a waiting room and therefore, you will start to immediately go into the main room without having to wait. Take note as our password, Vincent, is no longer on the website. This is to ensure the safety of you and your children.
2) Inaudibility: 
We have purchased new webcams which will help send the sound over clearly when you and your children are zooming. The issues only arise when we're farther from the mic - please bear with us and we get comfortable with the range of the mics and what they will pick up.
3) Wrong breakout room: 
If you do end up in the wrong break out room, message Aubrey, using the chat feature, and she will place you in the correct breakout room. At that point, click Breakout Rooms at the bottom and click the blue "Join" button. Ensure that the correct room is listed before entering. To go back to Walter Hall, please click "Leave" in the lower right and leave your current breakout room.