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Catholic Women's Discussion

Catholic Women’s Discussion Group (formerly Bishop’s Committee Discussion Program): People who join the discussion program are opening themselves to an exciting sharing experience. This discussion group is a gathering of persons who are willing to share with each other their knowledge, opinions, feelings, and life experiences. This free expression of thoughts and feelings is the essence of group discussion. To accomplish this, we strive for an atmosphere of caring in which each member’s contributions have value and are necessary for the growth of the individual as well as the group. “Only when we grow out and open, can we see and know, and love others……”
These discussion gatherings are found throughout the Western New York Diocese in several parishes. St. Vincent’s has an evening group. It is a relaxed, laid-back group that encourages good solid discussion and a true sharing among members. Meetings are once a month and all take turns hosting. Coordinators: Barbara Schaller – 655.0784, email: [email protected] and Lucille Janiga – 655.0224, email: [email protected] .