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Cursillo Movement

Cursillo Movement: Generally, the Cursillo Movement can be defined as: “A movement of the Church which by means of its own method, makes it possible for people to live what is fundamental for being a Christian, and to live it together; it helps people discover and fulfill their personal vocations; and it promotes the creation of core groups of Christians who leaven their environments with the Gospel.”

The introduction to the movement is completed through a 3-day weekend. The name Cursillo is properly “Cursillo de Christiandad”; meaning, “short course in Christianity”. The movement is much more than the weekend. It provides a method to help Catholic Christians grow closer to God through a balanced approach to Piety, Study, and Action, with an emphasis on community and small group sharing.

The commitment depends on your level of interest and involvement. The necessary gifts and talents are whatever God chooses to bless you with. St. Vincent de Paul Church in Spring Brook and the surrounding parishes have many active Cursillo groups. If you are even a little bit interested, call Deacon Pete Walders at 714.9742, or anyone you may know who is active in the Buffalo Cursillo Movement. You may also gain more information from the local web site: